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What A Man Wants! Episodes 1 to 5 Recap

Today we recap the first five episodes and provide some further commentary regarding each video's topic.

If you missed the first five videos, you could watch them now!

What a Man Wants: How to Stroke a Man's Ego | Men Want Their Ego's Stroked | Episode. 1

What A Man Wants: An Affable NOT Passive Woman | Men Want Agreeable Woman Episode 2

What a Man Wants: High-Quality Man Time | Men Just Want to Be Left Alone Sometimes Episode 3

What a Man Wants: A Good Girl That Is Bad!? | Men Just Want A Lady Who Can Have Fun! Episode 4

What a Man Wants: A Man Wants To Give You All Of His Money Episode 5

"What A Man Wants" is a new exclusive 100 video series to hit the YouTube Platform. Each week a new episode airs on Tuesdays And Thursdays @ 6:30 PM. To catch the latest videos, you can subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon to get all the notifications, and like the video so more people can watch the video.

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